List Of Facebook 25 Highly Addictive Games – Acess Facebook Instant Games

List Of Facebook 25 Highly Addictive Games – Acess Facebook Instant Games: Do you want to know the Facebook 25 highly addictive games? 

Facebook is a social networking media for connecting, sharing and communication with friend and family, has gone up to new levels in games too. 
List Of Facebook 25 Highly Addictive Games – Acess Facebook Instant Games
You can use Facebook has a form of relaxation during your free times.

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Mini-games on Facebook is very fun to play but the major reason that makes it very addictive is the fact that other users are connected to thousands of Facebook users who are equally playing the games. 

Multiplayer gaming with family and friends is more fun. 

You can play the games for free and also at the same time expanding your friend list on Facebook. On this article, I will be listing down the Facebook 25 highly addictive games.

25 highly Addictive Facebook Games
Here is a list of the top addictive games on Facebook:

This is a flash game that has landscapes and very cute characters. It is an innovative game and comes with a very attractive and fascinating interface.

Texas Holdem Poker
If you are a lover of poker games, then this game will fascinate you. It is a very exciting game based on theory and probability. Also, it keeps you engaged with very fantastic feature and also easy to play. It is a game by Zynga.

Word Challenger
This game was created by Play fish, it is a test game to sharpen your vocabulary and your thinking speed.

Cookie Jam
Cookie jam is a fun game to play; it is free and has over 5 billion monthly users. It is a challenging game. You would need to crunch your cookies as fast as possible before the Gingerbread man destroys them. It is a very addictive game, which allows players to move up on each level solving the recipe challenges.

Candy Crush Saga
This is the most popular game on Facebook, boasting over 50 million users per month. There are more than 900 levels on this addictive game. It is very fun and addictive.

Criminal Case
This game is all about crime solving. You can play this game to test your investigating skills. In this game, you act as a detective while allocating different crime cases.

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Bejeweled Blitz
It is a simple yet addictive game you can play on Facebook and it is quite popular among Facebook game players.

Café World
It is a classic restaurant theme game on Facebook that was developed by Zynga in which the players has to run their own restaurants with their close friends.

Treasure Isle
This is an adventure game. So if you are an adventure loving person, then I recommend this game for you. You hunt for treasures by choosing the character in the game.

Mafia Wars
Mafia Wars game is a Facebook game that is all about the mafia live creation. This game is played with friends.

Pet Ville
In this game, players create their own character, select a name for their pet and provide it a home. It is designed by Zynga.

Happy Aquarium
This is the biggest fish game on Facebook. The game has more than 28 million players who have provided this game with the popularity it has.

Fish Ville
This is another fish game by Zynga.

Zoo World
It is a wonderful game where you can build a zoo and watch it grow. The more neighbors you get, the more dollars you earn.

Restaurant City
In this game, you would have to decorate and run a restaurant. Make sure to satisfy the customers that come into the restaurant.

Social City
You can build a house and then increase the population in this addictive game. You can create relaxation centers and make your citizens happy.

This is a wonderful 2D game, where the players are able to chat, play and work in an animated world. You can adopt a pet and also decorate your home.

Happy Island
This is a vocation game, where players need to build their selves. They are allowed to build and decorate the attractions to get more income.

Country Life
This is another kind of farming game. In this game, you can harvest copies for sale.

Farm Town
You get to acquire points when harvesting the field. The points in this game help to unlock more things he would want to purchase.

Happy Pets
This game is all about taking care of the pets you would purchase. All you need to do is to feed, clean and playing with the pets like they are real pets.

Clash of Clans This is an addictive game. Join whole lots of other Facebook players as you rise as a clan, build and develop your village and then compete with other heroic clan wars. It is a fun and strategic game.

Pet Rescue Saga
This is a very addictive game that attracts the attention of the player. Once you start playing, you cannot stop yourself from playing all day long. It offers you unlimited moves.

Bubble Island
This game is based on a very popular arcade game. Players are to shoot a bubble cannon that explodes bubbles of the same colors to step forward to various stages.

Island Paradise
This game is developed by Meteor Games.

There are other games you can play on Facebook but the list here is just the top addictive game you can play for fun on Facebook, either with friends or alone.

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