How to Make Purchases on Facebook Marketplace - Sell On Facebook Marketplace

How to Make Purchases on Facebook Marketplace - Sell On Facebook Marketplace: I believe what really brought you here is business, Facebook business

I guess you want to figure out the best guide for selling on Facebook marketplace. Well, here is a concise tutorial on how to sell on Facebook.

This post is for ecommerce business owners and intending online business marketers. 

Without wasting much time, let's quickly consider briefly all you need to know about Facebook marketing, Facebook marketplace and the process involved in selling items on Facebook marketplace.
How to Make Purchases on Facebook Marketplace - Sell On Facebook Marketplace
If you are a user of the Facebook social media platform you will know that the platform itself is just great.

On this platform, users get access to lots of interesting tools and features that always keep them in the platform.

When it comes to social media around the globe the competition is always fierce.

So therefore for these platforms to keep users they always have to come up with ways to keep their customers and users happy.

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This is one aspect that Facebook social media has excelled tremendously. On the Facebook platform, there is no limit to what users can do.

Anything you can think of can be done and be made possible with the Facebook platform.

With facebook, users can play games, send and receive money, find jobs, do voice and video calls and so much more.

Now you see the Facebook platform is more than a social media platform. On this platform, you can also shop.

Facebook has three known tools that directly help with shopping on the platform. And these tools are the facebook marketplace, the facebook shop feature and the Facebook buy and sell groups.

One great importance of this tool is that the people making sales on this platform are all Facebook users.

How to Get Access to the Facebook Free Marketplace
For one, the facebook marketplace tool of the Facebook social media platform is free. There is one thing about the facebook marketplace though.

The tool is still under test as it is not yet available to all regions where Facebook is available.

To get access to this Facebook tool you need to have a facebook account. This is because the tool is only available and accessible to registered Facebook users.

If you do not have an account you cannot get access to the tool.

If you would love to get access to the facebook free marketplace you need to have a facebook account.

To create a facebook account, go to and follow the on-screen instructions to create your account.

After creating your account you can now access this tool.

Log in to your facebook account and click on the marketplace icon at the left-hand column of your Facebook page.

After clicking on it you will be taken to the facebook marketplace tool.

If you do not find the marketplace tool icon by the side of your facebook page know that it is not yet available to your region or country.

How to Make Purchases on the Facebook Marketplace
Follow the steps below to buy or make purchases on the Facebook marketplace;

1. On your facebook account click on the marketplace icon.
2. Click on the item you want to buy.
3. Click on the message to send a direct message to the seller or click on ask for details to ask of item availability.
That’s how you buy on this Facebook tool.

How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace
To sell on this platform is easy. As long as you are a Facebook user you have no issue with selling on the platform. Follow the steps below;

1. Log in to your Facebook account via a web browser or the app.
2. Click on the marketplace icon on your facebook page to visit the facebook marketplace.
3. Click on the ‘sell something’ tab.
4. Enter item location, price, title, and category.
5. Click on post.

That’s how you sell on the Facebook marketplace platform.

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