Tips On Facebook Free Marketplace – Facebook Buying and Selling

Tips On Facebook Free Marketplace – Facebook Buying and Selling: Do you know you can use Facebook as a free marketing tool for your online business?

This post is a complete compilation of how to do Facebook buying and selling.

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The Facebook free marketplace is where you can have the opportunity to buy and sell on the Facebook platform.
Tips On Facebook Free Marketplace – Facebook Buying and Selling
Facebook has made everything easier for users on Facebook that deals with products or businesses, for them to get a place where they can do an exchange of goods and services.

This is what most people are looking for, they are searching for a place where they can buy and sell online.

Facebook marketplace is the best place for that, all you need to do to access this platform is for you to be up to the age [18 and above] and also be a Facebook user.

We know that the Facebook platform has lots of people visiting the platform; we have over 1.4 billion people that access Facebook a day.

Now imagine if half of those persons visit your marketplace on Facebook you will become one of the richest, if possible you will be competing for one of the richest men in the world.

Before I tell you how you can access the Facebook marketplace, let me tell you about some importance of the Facebook marketplace.

Importance of Facebook Marketplace
The Facebook marketplace is very important to users on Facebook that are business owners. Here are some importance of the Facebook marketplace;

1. You can have lots of customers visiting your market.
2. Also, you can earn lots of cash.
3. This also creates a good relationship between you and your customers.
4. All kinds of products are sold on the Facebook marketplace.
5. It is safe and secured.
6. Anyone in any country can take a look at your products.

These are some importance of the Facebook marketplace. But before you can access this Facebook marketplace as I said earlier you will need to be a Facebook member or user. If you are not associated with Facebook then you cannot make use or access the Facebook marketplace.

How to Become a Facebook User
If you want to be a Facebook user, all you need to do is sign up on Facebook. And if you don’t know how it is done, then feel free to apply these steps below;

1. Open the chrome or any internet source on your device.
2. Next thing, visit the Facebook site,
3. After that, the Facebook site will be opened.
4. What you will now do, click the link that says “create new account” either at the top or bottom of the Facebook page.
5. Then enter your names, email or phone number, password, then your gender, lastly your date of birth.
6. When all these steps are in place, click the signup button below.
7. Be ready to receive a text from Facebook, sent to your email or phone number.
8. Once you have received it, type the digits in the confirmation box on Facebook.
9. When done click “continue”
10. Then you will be welcomed to the Facebook platform and then begin to add friends.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace
Here is how you can access the Facebook marketplace;

1. Go to the Facebook site.
2. Then next thing login to your account on Facebook.
3. At the top of the Facebook page, you will see a store icon.
4. Click on the store icon.
5. Also then add the images or photos of your products on sale.
6. Then enter the title of your product.
7. Also, add a short description of the product.
8. Lastly, add a category for the product.

This is how you can access the marketplace and buy or sell online on Facebook.

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