Top Best Facebook Games 2019 – Facebook Instant Games | How to Access Games on Facebook

Top Best Facebook Games 2019 – Facebook Instant Games: Do you want to know the top best Facebook games 2019? 

Well, if yes then you are in the right place. 

Today I will be discussing top games of 2019 on Facebook, not only that but also how you can access the Facebook games. 
Top Best Facebook Games 2019 – Facebook Instant Games | How to Access Games on Facebook
Facebook is more than chatting; you can now have fun on the platform with games. As we all know when you get used to one thing, you become tired of it. 

This is why Facebook has now brought in some new games this year. Well, this is what players on Facebook have been waiting for. But the thing is which games are latest on the Facebook platform that is what I will tell you today.

For awareness, if you are reading this and you want to play Facebook games, then you are welcome to. But there is something you must do, which is you must be a Facebook member because only Facebook members play Facebook games.

How To Facebook Sign Up Account
Here are the steps to follow;

1. The first step is to open the internet or chrome on your device.
2. Then visit or explore the Facebook website,
3. Now when the Facebook site has opened, click on the link that says “create a new account”.
4. After that, another page will be displayed or shown.
5. On that page you must, fill in your names, your email or phone number, your password, your gender, also your date of birth.
6. When all these are in filled correctly, click on the “sign up” button below.
7. After you have clicked the signup button, you will be sent a confirmation code to confirm your Facebook registration.
8. Now the code or digits will be sent to your phone number or email address.
9. When you have seen it, then type in the digits into the confirmation box on the Facebook page.
10. After you have typed it click the continue button below.
Then you have become a Facebook user.

How to Sign In On Facebook
If you want to sign in on Facebook and find it very difficult, then read the steps below for guidance;
1. Open up internet or chrome on your device.
2. Then go to the Facebook website,
3. The Facebook page will be shown or displayed on your screen.
4. Now just simply enter your email or phone number in the first box of the Facebook page.
5. Then type in or enter your password in the second box of the Facebook page.
6. After that, you can click on the sign in or login button.

These are steps to make you access your Facebook account.

Some Top 2019 Games on Facebook
Here are some top 2019 games on Facebook;

> Candy crush saga.
> Tetris battle.
> Social wars.
> Texas Holdem poker.
> Candy crush soda.
> Criminal case.
> Coin master.
> Papa pear saga.
. Country life.
> Backyard Monsters.
> Monster legends.
> Diamond Dash.
. Café world.
> Top eleven be a football.
> Toy blast.
> Bubble witch saga.
> Zoo world.
> Despicable Me 2.
> Bingo blitz.

These are some 2019 games on Facebook.

How to Access the Games on Facebook
Follow the steps below;
1. Access the internet, go to the Facebook site.
2. Then access or login to your Facebook account.
3. After that click on the “see more” beside the news feeds.
4. Then scroll down and click on the “game” link.
5. After that, another page will open.
6. You will see a lot of games.
7. But if you want to search for a game of your choice.
8. Then click on the “find game” link at the top of the page.
9. Then access the search tab located at the top of the screen, type in the name of the game.
10. After that search it.
12. Results of the game will be shown; you can click on anyone you want.
13. After you have clicked, a page will display click on the “play now” link.
14. Then you will begin to play the game.

That is it on Top Best Facebook Games 2019 – Facebook Instant Games | How to Access Games on Facebook.

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