[SOLVED] How Do I Write To Facebook To Release My Blocked Account | How To Get Back Disabled FB Account Fast

How Do I Write To Facebook To Release My Blocked Account: Are you aware that the issue of blocked Facebook accounts has recently skyrocketed?

Every now and then, you get to see lots of Facebook users' accounts being disabled on the ground of violating the Facebook Community Standards.

If your Facebook account has been disabled, you'll see a message saying your account is disabled when you try to log in. ... Posting content that doesn't follow the Facebook Terms. Using a fake name. Impersonating someone. Continuing behavior that's not allowed on Facebook by violating their Community Standards may result in your account being disabled

The worst of it all is that Facebook will not bother to inform you of the period or interval the ban on your account will last. 
[SOLVED] How Do I Write To Facebook To Release My Blocked Account | How To Get Back Disabled FB Account Fast
However, some Facebook users' accounts that were banned from accessing the social media platform end up being permanently blocked whereas others by luck get their accounts reopened.

Well, let me say that unlike before, a lot of things have changed and Facebook have overtime stepped up their community standards. 

So I will advise you trade with caution on the giant social networking site especially if you're using your account to connect with customers for your eCommerce business.

If you're sharing posts on the platform, you'll need to consider curtailing the number you share per day to avoid being blacklisted as spamming the site and getting blocked.

The reason is, if you overshare stuff or post articles that goes against the Facebook community standards and you get blocked, you might not be lucky to be unblocked.

That means, you can't interact with your customers and they too can't interact with you as well. And you know what that means to your online business.

How Do I Write To Facebook To Release My Blocked Account? Well, if Facebook has already blocked your account, there is no point to be panic because there are means with which you can directly contact the Facebook engineers and appeal the blocked action. 

For those of us who are yet to know, Facebook engineers are specialists that focus on common issues that are usually associated with Facebook users accounts.

Interestingly, the process involved in how to contact Facebook about disabled accounts is very simple. Some required you uploading a screenshot of the challenge you're agitating to get resolved whereas others don't really require you uploading anything.

Well, let me stress here that these days, it's not easy to get blocked Facebook account unblock.

However, there are tricks which I am going to be sharing with you in this post that will help you recover a disabled Facebook account fast.

Note that the aforementioned statement does not mean that you should do anyhow with your Facebook account and then get blocked.

In this post, you'll see the different ways you can follow to contact Facebook to release a disabled Facebook account.

How To Contact Facebook For Disabled Accounts
Here, we're going to consider the three major ways you can easily contact Facebook to get your disabled account unblocked fast. 

If you discover that Facebook has blocked you from accessing its website do these to get back your account:

1. Use the appeal form
2. Use the "report problem with Facebook" option
3. Use the upload ID option

The latter lets you upload your document(s) to Facebook to ease the understanding of what you're really facing while accessing the social media platform.

Okay...let's get started with How Do I Write To Facebook To Release My Blocked Account.

1. How To Use Appeal Form To Contact Facebook For Disabled Account
As mentioned above, when Facebook disabled your account, one of the ways with which you can easily reach out to them is to use the appeal form option.

This option lets you write to Facebook directly and exhaustedly.

The key to getting your account unblocked via the different methods of contacting Facebook for a disabled account is to explain completely what really happened and why you think your account was blocked.

Once you're done with your write up, you can then use the submit button to submit it to the Facebook engineers for upward review.

At the end of the review by the Facebook engineers, you'll be notified of the necessary development about your account via the support inbox.

Bear in mind that in the course of this post, we'll take a brief look at the steps you need to follow to access your Facebook support inbox.

You can click here to access the Facebook appeal form that will help to request for a review of your account that was blocked.

2. How To Contact Facebook Via the "Report a Problem" With Facebook Option
Another sure way of contacting Facebook for a disabled account which is not well known by most Facebook users is the report a problem with Facebook option.

Well, I guess a lot of Facebook users don't know it because they will need to do extra search before they can access the option.

This option is very nice because it allows you to upload a screenshot(s) of the issue that you're experiencing with your account.

The process involved in accessing this option on Facebook is very simple and easy. It's as outlined below:

1. Facebook login your account or a friend account

2. Click the question mark icon at the top right of your Facebook page

3. Locate and select the report a problem option from the dropdown menu

4. Now, you'll need to choose the option that best describes your own issue.

Well, in this case, select the "something isn't working" option from the list of the options that appears. Again, under "where is the problem: option, click this 🔻 icon and then select profile.

5. Next, fill the form that displays below the option accordingly

6. Once you're done, click on the "upload a screenshot(s)" option to attach a screenshot(s) of the problem you're experiencing

7. Finally, click on the Send button to submit your write up.

3. How To Contact Facebook For Disabled Account Via Upload ID Option
This option is particularly obtainable if your account was blocked as a result of someone else impersonating you.

Here, a copy of your ID will only be used to confirm your identity. It will not be used to improve Facebook automated systems.


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Why You're being asked to upload an ID On Facebook?
There are a few reasons you may be asked to send in a copy of your ID to Facebook:
1. To confirm that the account you're trying to access belongs to you: Your security is important to Facebook. Facebook asks for an ID so that we don't let anyone into your account except for you.

2. To confirm your name: Facebook asks everyone on Facebook to use the name they go by in everyday life. This helps keep you and our community safe from impersonation.

3. Other reasons people may be required to confirm their identity include helping prevent abuse such as scams, phishing, and foreign political influence.

According to the Facebook Help Center on What types of ID does Facebook accept?
"If you need to confirm your name on Facebook, or if you've lost access to your account, you may be asked to send us a copy of something with your name on it.

You have several different options for this, including photo IDs issued by the government, IDs from non-government organizations, official certificates or licenses that include your name or other physical items like a magazine subscription or a piece of mail.

In some cases, such as authorization for advertisers running ads related to politics, there may be special ID requirements.

Group One
You can send us one of the items from group one to confirm your name or get back into your account. Anything that you send us should contain either your name and date of birth or your name and photo.
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • Official name change paperwork
  • Personal or vehicle insurance card
  • Non-driver's government ID (ex: disability, SNAP card, national ID card, pension card)
  • Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
  • Tribal identification or status card
  • Voter ID card
  • Family certificate
  • Visa
  • National age card
  • Immigration registration card
  • Tax identification card
Group Two
If you don't have anything from group one, you can send us two different items from group two. The name on the items that you send us should be the same name that you want to show on your profile.

Keep in mind that if you've lost access to your account, you may be asked to provide something from the list that also shows a photo or date of birth that matches the details on your Facebook account. This extra precaution is so that we can make sure that the only one with access to your account is you.
  • Bank statement
  • Transit card
  • Check
  • Credit card
  • Employment verification
  • Library card
  • Mail
  • Magazine subscription stub
  • Medical record
  • Membership ID (ex: pension card, union membership, work ID, professional ID)
  • Paycheck stub
  • Permit
  • School ID card
  • School record
  • Social Security card
  • Utility bill
  • Yearbook photo (actual scan or photograph of the page in your yearbook)
  • Company loyalty card
  • Contract
  • Family registry
  • Diploma
  • Religious documents
  • Certificate of registration for accreditation or professional
  • Professional license card
  • Polling card
  • Health insurance
  • Address proof card
  • Social welfare card
How To Upload Your ID to FacebookTo upload a copy of your ID to Facebook, do the following:
  •  Take a close-up photo of your ID in a well-lit room.
  •  Save the photo to your mobile device or computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for uploading your ID.
How To Access Your Support Inbox
There are basically two ways to access your Facebook support inbox.
  • Via the Facebook Help Center official site
  • Via your personal account homepage
To access support inbox on Facebook via the Facebook Help Center official site, do the following;

1. Type https://facebook.com/help in your browser and click on the enter button
2. Locate and click on support button at the top right of the page and you'll be taken to your inbox ASAP.

On the other hands, to access your support inbox via your personal profile home page, do the following;

1. Facebook login your account if you've not already done that

2. Navigate to the top right corner of your page and click on the question-mark-like option to initiate a drop-down menu

3. Next, select New Support Messages and you shall be taken to your support inbox ASAP.

How To Get Your Blocked Facebook Account Unblocked Fast
Since Facebook has over 2.2 billion active monthly users and is the most populated social media platform, a lot of persons are definitely contacting Facebook for several reasons.

Bearing that in mind, you'll agree with me that several messages are been sent and received by the Facebook support team on a regular basis, meaning that new messages are suppressing old ones.

Now, the question is, considering the fact that several messages are being sent, received, and then process by the Facebook team at the same time, how do you let Facebook give preference to your message?

That is very simple.

You'll need to send messages about your disabled account to Facebook three to four times a day. On a regular basis.

In other words, you'll need to spam Facebook with lots of messages so that they could attend to your issue.

Believe you me that if you can do that continuously for some period of time, your case shall surely be taken care of.

In conclusion, bear in mind that account that goes against Facebook community standards severely can't be unblocked. 

So you need to be very careful of what you post and share on the platform to avoid stories that touch.

That is it on [SOLVED] How Do I Write To Facebook To Release My Blocked Account | How To Get Back Disabled FB Account Fast.

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