www.pinterest.com Signup | Pinterest Sign Up

www.pinterest.com Signup | Pinterest Sign Up: Looking for a guide or an article that explains the complete steps on how to sign up Pinterest account

This article is all about how to hover about the Pinterest interphase to successfully create an account without stress.

To register or sign up for your Pinterest account, Follow the guide below:

Pinterest Sign up for Mobile Phones
1. Tap open Pinterest. The white “P” on a red background
2. Click “Sign up with Email”, this is the red button near the bottom of the screen
You can also click on “Continue with Facebook” to use your Facebook account details to log in.
3. Enter your Email address.

Note, this should be a working email address to which you have the credentials.

4. Click “Next”, which is at the bottom of the page
5. Enter in a Password. Let it be a different password than the one you use for your email account
6. Click “Next”
7. Enter in your name, by entering your first and last name
8. Click “Next”
9. Enter in your age. You will not need to fill in your birth date
10. Click “Next”
11. Click on “Gender”. If you click the “Custom” option, you will be required to enter your preferred gender affiliation when prompted
12. Click “Done”
13. Click at least five topics. The topics you choose on this page will determine the content you see in your feed later
14. Click “Next”, this is at the top-right corner of the screen. Pinterest will start building your profile depending on your selected interest
www.pinterest.com Signup | Pinterest Sign Up
Pinterest Signing Up on Desktop
1. Visit the Pinterest website, this is located at https://www.pinterest.com
2. Fill in your email address and a preferred password. This should be done in the “Email” and “Create a password” fields provided in the middle of the page
You can also tap “Continue” as (Name) to make use of your Facebook information to sign up if you wish
3. Tap “Continue”, which is the red button below the “Create a password” field
> Fill in your profile information
> Full name – First and last name
> Age – Fill in your current age (not your birth date)
> Gender – Tap the button close “Male”, “Female”, or “Custom”. If you choose a custom gender, you will be required to fill in your preferred gender name
4. Tap “Sign Up”. Doing this will create your account.
5. Tap “Skip for now”. This is on the left side of the mobile app page.
6. Tap at least five topics, topics selected on this page, will determine the content you see in your feed later.
7. Tap “ Done”. Pinterest will start building on your profile depending on your chosen interests.

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