Facebook Address – How to Access and Use Facebook Address - All you need to know

Facebook Address – How to Access and Use Facebook Address - All you need to know: A Facebook address is an address on Facebook used to verify your location on Facebook. 

The Facebook location serves as a means of connection or a point of contact to help you either reach people or let people reach you. 
Facebook Address – How to Access and Use Facebook Address - All you need to know
This platform is also used as a means to target a particular set of audience. This platform is based on the URL of any page you find yourself on Facebook. 

If you share the URL of a particular post on Facebook you can also say you just shared the address of that Facebook page. 

You can share your Facebook profile address, group address; friends profile address and so much more.
Benefits of Facebook Address
The benefits of Facebook address are not quite visible or known as it is not known by a lot of people. However, the current known and prime benefit are that you can share the URL of where ever you want your visitor to view.

Other side benefits are;

> To increase traffic on your Facebook page.
> To make your business popular.
> Also, to get targeted traffic.
> Increase your Facebook group traffic.
> For advertising purposes.
> To be known and get people to visit your timeline frequently.

Above are some of the few side benefits of this feature. You can also use it to drive targeted traffic to your Facebook group or page.

How to Access and Use Facebook Address
In other to access and use this feature. You must ensure that you have a Facebook account. You can easily access and you have in mind the page you wish to share to your audience.

Visit the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com and log in your Facebook account. Alternatively, you can also login using the URL web.facebook.com.

Once you log in and you wish to share your Facebook profile address, click on the profile icon such that you will now be on your Facebook profile page. On your Facebook profile page, copy the URL and paste it to whoever you want to send it to.

Once you send it in a text and your audience clicks on it, they will be taken directly to your Facebook profile page irrespective of where ever they are.

Plus your audience can view your Facebook profile address that you shared irrespective of them having a Facebook account or not.

To share other address such as your Facebook group, Facebook page etc. by visiting the webpage and copying the URL.

Share the URL and expect results.

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