How to Add Marketplace to Facebook iPad - Access Facebook Marketplace App

How to Add Marketplace to Facebook iPad - Access Facebook Marketplace App: The Facebook marketplace is compatible with any device including the iPad smart device. 

Getting the marketplace on your iPad is very simple and easy if it is available in your community or locality because the Facebook marketplace is not yet available worldwide just in some countries which will be listed below on this article.
As a Facebook user who is 18 years and older can use the app if you have it your locality on your iPad device.

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To have a better understanding of the marketplace, we would need to know what a Facebook marketplace is, how it works and how you can access or get it on your iPad.

What is the Facebook Marketplace?
Facebook Marketplace is a very easy and convenient way in which you can buy and sell in your locality within the Facebook platform. On the marketplace, you can look through listings or search for the items you want near you.

The marketplace doesn’t require you downloading another standalone app or setting up a new account before accessing it.

Reach thousands of other users in your locality and also find great deals for you. You can buy and sell clothes, TV, cars and real estates.

Many users on the app, sells both old and new items. Buying and selling on the marketplace are very simple and you can easily connect with others and interact with the sellers to have full details on the item you want.

Where is Facebook Marketplace Available?
The Facebook marketplace is available for users 18 years and older in the locations that the marketplace is available.

These are the countries the marketplace is made available for now before it will be available;

> Argentina.
> Australia.
> Austria.
> Belize.
> Belgium.
. Bulgaria.
> Canada.
> Chile.
> Costa Rica.
> Croatia.
> Cyprus.
> The Czech Republic.
> Denmark.
> Ecuador.
> Estonia.
> The Dominican Republic.
> Finland.
> France.
> Germany.
> Greece.
> Hungary.
> India.
> Ireland.
> Italy.
> Latvia.
> Lithuania.
> Luxembourg.
> Malta.
> Mexico.
> The Netherlands.
> New Zealand.
> Norway.
> Panama.
> Paraguay.
> Peru.
> The Philippines.
> Poland.
> Portugal.
> Puerto Rico.
> Romania.
> Singapore.
> Slovenia.
> South Africa.
> Spain.
> Sweden.
> Switzerland.
> Thailand.
> The United Kingdom.
. The United States.
. Uruguay.

If your country is not mentioned here, then it means it is not yet made available to you.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace App –
To be able to add Facebook Marketplace to iPad, you would need to have a Facebook account profile. If you do not have any, you can sign up for a new account through the mobile app or the website. Follow the guides below;

> Launch the Facebook smart device app on your iPad or access your browser and go to
> Enter the name you want to use for the account; first name and your surname.
> Choose your date of birth from the ones listed.
> Type in your email address or mobile phone number.
> Select your gender by ticking on it and create a password for the account.
> Tap on Sign up to create.

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The account will be created and Facebook will send you confirmation code or mail that you can use to verify the account login details.

Logging in to Facebook
You can login to your Facebook account if you already have one by following the steps below;

> Go to or open the Facebook mobile app.
> Type in the account login details; mobile number or email address and password.
> Tap on Log in to load.
The account will be loaded on the device if the details are confirmed to be right.

How to Get the Marketplace icon on iPad
To give the Facebook marketplace icon your iPad, you would need to download the latest Facebook mobile app on your iPad smart device.

Once the Facebook app has been installed, follow the simple guides below to get the icon on your iPad:

> Launch the Facebook mobile app on your iPad.
> Tap on the menu bar in the footer area of the screen.
> A new shop icon will be added and will be displayed in the middle. Tap on the icon to buy or sell on Facebook.

The Facebook Marketplace will be available on your iPad device and you can open to start selling or buying in your locality.

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