How to Get Facebook Marketplace on Android - Access Facebook Marketplace on Android

How to Get Facebook Marketplace on Android - Access Facebook Marketplace on Android: Marketplace on Facebook is where people or users rather can exchange goods and services.

With the Facebook marketplace, you can buy and sell, in order words, you can be a seller and also be a buyer. 
How to Get Facebook Marketplace on Android - Access Facebook Marketplace on Android
Now Facebook has made this possible because they come to know that this is what most people really want. 

How they can sell or buy online, so Facebook and to create this feature on the Facebook platform. You can see that Facebook is now also a marketing platform, you as a user on Facebook can now sell or buy by using Facebook as a medium.

But now the problem is how you can locate this Facebook marketplace, which I will be revealing to you today, so keep on reading. 

But are you new to Facebook? Or you are not a Facebook user but will like to make use of this Facebook marketplace feature? 

Well if yes, then you must become registered on Facebook. Do you know how you can register on Facebook? 

Well, I always got you covered on this article in every step. Speaking about steps I will be showing some in order for you to get registered on Facebook.

Steps To Create Account On Facebook
There are steps below to direct you, on how you can easily get registered on the Facebook platform;

1. Go to the Facebook site,
2. Once the Facebook homepage has been displayed.
3. Click on the link that says, “Create new account” at the top or bottom of the screen.
4. You can now enter your names, email or phone number, password, your gender, also your date of birth.
4. When you have filled these details, click the signup button at the bottom.
5. Digits to confirm your registration will be sent to your phone number or email.
6. Those digits should be typed in the confirmation box after that click “continue”.

Well done, you will be welcome to the Facebook platform.

Rules of the Facebook Marketplace
There are rules for you to follow when you want to access the Facebook marketplace when these rules are not in place then you cannot access the Facebook marketplace. 

You must be over 18 years old, and also be a Facebook user, which I have, just mention how you can be earlier. When these rules are in place then you are ready to go.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace on Android
This is what I believe you have been waiting for, now here are the steps for you to access the Facebook marketplace on android;

1. Now go to your Facebook account on your Facebook app.
2. Just click the tree lines icon below.
3. You will see a menu full with options will appear.
4. Now select or click “marketplace”.
5. The Facebook marketplace will now open.
6. When you want to sell tap the sell button at the top.
7. This is where you can choose a list of items you want to put on for sale.
8. But if you want to sell items, you can click on the shop button and items will be displayed.
9. To see your marketplace profile, click ‘you’.

This is how you can get access to the Facebook marketplace on android.

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