Social Media Campaign Ideas – Advertising on Facebook | How to Set Up a Facebook Campaign

Social Media Campaign Ideas – Advertising on Facebook | How to Set Up a Facebook Campaign: The social media campaign idea is not something that you can see on any social media platform. 

Your social media campaign ideas are based on you solely. 

This is a process of advertising your business or products to other social media users. 
Social Media Campaign Ideas – Advertising on Facebook | How to Set Up a Facebook Campaign
The social media campaign idea is the idea or knowledge you have, on how you can reach out to other users or people telling them about your services or products.

They are lots of social media that you can campaign on like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, printers, and more. 

But I am going to be basing on one particular social media platform which we all normally know of and it is easy for us to access it which is Facebook. 

The reason I am picking the Facebook platform over other social media platforms is that Facebook is the most popular social media that most businessmen or women use. 

Facebook is the easiest and fastest means to advertise your products or goods. 

But before you can advertise or create a campaign on Facebook, you need to register to the Facebook platform as a Facebook user.

Facebook Sign Up
Follow the steps below to register on Facebook. After creating a Facebook account, you can start using Facebook and also create a campaign on Facebook.

> Open your device web browser and go to on the search box.
> Then enter your first and last name.
> And your email address and password.
> After that identify your date of birth and gender.
> Then click on sign up.

After which your account has been created but you still have to provide one more detail which is the confirmation code or number. 

A verification or confirmation code will be sent to your email or message inbox by Facebook. Open your email or message inbox and copy the code. 

Then go back to the verification page and paste the code into the box and click verify or create.

How to Set Up a Facebook Campaign
With the following prescriptions below, you can create or set up an Ad campaign or business campaign. 

For you to create a campaign, you have to access your Facebook account and click on the create button located at the top of your screen. 

After clicking on it, a little box will be taken to a new page. 

Click on the campaign which is the first option at the top of the screen. And click on the option you want to create after clicking “campaign.” 

And follow the steps below;

> You have to pick up your campaign objectives.
> Name your ad campaign or business campaign.
> You have to set up an audience targeting.
> Create your ad placement.
> Create your campaign budget and bidding.
> Establish your Facebook Ads.

With these, you can create your campaign on Facebook but what you should know is that creating a campaign on Facebook is very helpful for advertising your business on the platform. 

For you to create a Facebook Ad campaign or business campaign you must be on the campaign page or platform.

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