Tips on FB Advertisement - Facebook Advert Strategy – Advertising Strategies on Facebook

Tips on FB Advertisement - Facebook Advert Strategy – Advertising Strategies on Facebook: Facebook has arrived and with it new marketing goals and a new motivation to start up your own business via social media advertising. 

Now that these new big goals have finally come up, is time you know how to put the most effective ads in your arsenal out there. 
Tips on FB Advertisement - Facebook Advert Strategy – Advertising Strategies on Facebook
That is where I will come in. I have gone through various archives to find some of the most songful Facebook advert strategy available.

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Even as Facebook has made tweaks to its ads platform and companies have tried all possible trick in the book to reach customers, these Facebook advert strategies are still relevant as ever. 

That is why they are the most powerful Facebook advert strategy after all.

If you want to optimize for mobile, improve customer targeting, or you have finally nailed your targeting campaigns, there is something here for you so special.

I want you to know that each of the Facebook advert strategies is tried and tested. It will also help you to reach your marketing goals.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and browse through our list and get those creative juices that you need. We have linked each strategy to a post with more information on how you can execute when you find one. Then you will be able to get started right away.

More on Facebook Advert Strategy
I came across a time where audiences use multiple devices to spend their time online. One thing you should know is that customer journey might start while users are on their desktop researching a new product and end up on their mobile device like a tablet or cell phone when they decided to buy, this is why adverting can focus on one type of platform.

Though data show that more people spend time on their mobile phones than ever before, desktop usage is still high so you need to optimize ads for desktop and in your mobile in the upcoming ads to maximize your reach.

Do you know that you focus to reach customer through the Facebook platform is the very strategy to raise your customer awareness?

According to the famous copywriter, Eugene Schwartz, He stated that there are five levels of customer awareness. Which are?

- Problem awareness
- Unawareness
- Solution awareness
- Product awareness
- Most awareness

From each of the awareness that I just listed, you might get to indicate a person’s understanding of your product and how it may serve to help to fix up a problem.

Strategy of Facebook Advert
I know this will be of big help to you to know the Facebook advert strategy. Many users who have been successful in Facebook advertising have secrets why they made it to the top.

And I believe if you apply the same step, you will see your business climbing steps to the top. These are some of the Facebook advert strategies below.

1. Creating 30-100 + audience segment
2. Don’t worry about high CPMS
3. Always run retargeting ads on the most engaged viewers
4. Test and lean before spending money on promotion
5. Create a brand identity by producing a hero, iconic anchor video

The reason that so many people spend millions of dollars on super bowl commercial is that everyone is watching and there is so many attention on those commercials both during the actual game and after the game when people watch on the YouTube that is actually underpriced.

That is the reason businesses put so much of their effort into crafting the message and narrative of their commercial.

They do this because; they know that it will play an effective role in how people see their brand.

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