How to sell products on Facebook Marketplace - How do I get the Facebook Marketplace icon?

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In this post, you'll be shown all the steps you need to follow to easily market your products on Facebook marketplace fast. 

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How to sell products on Facebook Marketplace - How do I get the Facebook Marketplace icon?
If you're a Facebook veteran, you should know that the Facebook marketplace is a digital marketplace where users can buy and sell their products for free on the app. 

To use the marketplace app you are not required to download or set up a new account. 

You can find a great listing of items and also list your own product for sale on the marketplace for free. You can reach thousands of people in your locality.

The Facebook marketplace is not yet available worldwide just in a few countries. The marketplace app is compatible with any device including the IOS and Android devices. It has a version for desktops and laptops. 

The Facebook marketplace icon can be found at the top of your Facebook account if you are using an Andriod device and at the bottom of your IOS device. 

Both old and new items can be found on the Facebook marketplace; you can find items such as clothes, Cars, TVs, real estates and so many more. You get to connect with others and see the items you want in person making a purchase.y

How do I Access the Facebook Marketplace?
Accessing the Facebook Marketplace is very easy all you need to access and use the Facebook marketplace is an account and your age should 18 years and above. To start, Log in to your account. Follow the steps below to login;

> Launch the Facebook marketplace or access your browser and go to
> Type in the User ID and password of the account and tap on Log in.

Note: New Facebook accounts are not permitted to use the Facebook marketplace app. Your account will be loaded in the device if the log login details are correct.

How do I get the Facebook Marketplace icon?
Getting the Facebook Marketplace icon is very easy and quick. The icon will be displayed on your Facebook page if you are 18 or older and you would have to update your Facebook to the latest version available. Follow the instructions below to get;

> Update your Facebook app.
> Once it has been updated, login to your page.
> You would find a new Shop icon (top of your Android or bottom of your IOS device).
> Tap on the icon to load the marketplace app.

The app will be loaded on the device and you can start selling.

How to sell Products on Facebook Marketplace
Selling the Facebook Marketplace is very east, fast and reliable. You can reach thousands in the marketplace with your products. 

To list a product on the Marketplace, follow the steps below;

> Open the marketplace from your Facebook page.
> Hit on the Camera tab that says “Sell”.
> Select images of the product you want to sell.
> Then label the products.
> Include a brief description of the product.
> Set a price for the product.
> Enter your area Zip code.
> Select the category of the product you want to sell.
> Tap on Post.

The product will be posted for others to see.

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