Ecwid Facebook Store – Facebook Buy And Sell | Open An Ecwid Account

Ecwid Facebook Store – Facebook Buy And Sell | Open An Ecwid Account: Do you own an e-commerce service where you sell your products on? You might want to give your sales some boost by trying out the Ecwid Facebook Store.

The Ecwid service is a free one targeted at benefiting people who own a business site already but have intentions of adding an online store to it.
Ecwid Facebook Store – Facebook Buy And Sell | Open An Ecwid Account
Ecwid offers services akin to that of the other e-commerce sites. It also allows users to assemble their products, add photos of them and also add prices for these products and even weight, if they care.

Features of Ecwid
Ecwid has several features which makes it stand out. These features are listed below;

a) Responsive Store fronts – This is considered the most important feature as it allows smooth interaction of customers with your store front. This feature ensures friendly and stable store front interface, irrespective of the type of device you’re using.

b) Functioning Point of Sale – This feature allows you use your Ecwid store to sell your products on other locations in addition to being able to sell them online. This works more like a POS machine, if you’re familiar with its workings. Where a customer is ordering from does not matter, because everything stays synced. For more light on this, search for more info using the Google search service.

c) Language Detection – On the Ecwid service, provision is made for translation to over 50 different languages. This ensures that customers from almost anywhere in the world can change your language to theirs for easy interaction and understanding.

d) And saving the best for last, the Ecwid e-commerce store service is free. Yes, it is. This means there are no service charges for the services you enjoy.

How to Open an Ecwid Account Linked to your Facebook Account

b) Click on the “Get Started” button.

c) Choose the “Sign up with Facebook” option.

d) Allow Ecwid to connect to your Facebook account.

e) Enter your email address and click on “Set up your store”.

f) You will be asked to set up your store.

g) On completion, click on “Complete registration” and you would be logged in to your store control panel.

You will be allowed updates on your account with new features anytime you please.

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