The Facebook Marketplace U.S.A.

The Facebook Marketplace U.S.A.
The ‘marketplace USA’ is all about Facebook marketplace community; if you are a business owner in the United States and you want to do business online on a social media site then you should try or make use of the Facebook marketplace. 

What is the Facebook marketplace? I will tell you when you read further. 

There are lots of users on the Facebook platform that don’t even have a clue that such a thing called the Facebook marketplace exists, well it does exist and it is for you to showcase your products for more cash and more customers.

The Facebook marketplace is a feature or a place on Facebook that offers you a comfortable way to do exchange of goods and services, in order words you can buy and sell on the Facebook platform. 

You can also see amazing products to buy and also you as a user can sell any product on the platform, you can list items or products and find for yourself great deals directly within the Facebook platform. 

What we don’t understand is that we think the Facebook platform is all about communication, but you must know that Facebook is more than that. 

Not to waste your time I will tell you what qualifies you to make use of the marketplace on Facebook before telling you how you can access the Facebook marketplace.

What Qualifies You on Facebook Marketplace
There are two things that qualifies you before you can make use of the Facebook marketplace, and there are; you must be a Facebook user and also you must be up to 18 years old, if not you cannot access the Facebook marketplace. 

Not too worry I will tell you how you can be a user on the Facebook platform.

How to Be a User on Facebook
Here is how you can become a Facebook user without stress or any problems;

> Access your mobile internet and go to
> After the Facebook page opens, then click on “create a new account” link.
> When you have done that you can now fill in your names, email or phone number, password, gender and date of birth.
> When you have completed the steps then click on sign up below the page.
> Facebook will now send you a code of confirmation.
> Now type in the code in the confirmation box then click on “continue”.

When you follow the steps correctly then you will become part of the Facebook platform.

How to Login On Facebook
If you want to login on Facebook and you don’t know how to then you should read and follow the guidelines below;

> Then fill in your email or phone number.
> Also your password in the second box and then click on login button below.

When you follow all these steps correctly then you will access your Facebook account.

How to Make Use of Facebook Marketplace
Here are the steps for you to follow when you want to make use of the Facebook marketplace;

> Access the Facebook site.
> Log in to your account on Facebook.
> Then at the top of the Facebook page, you will see a store icon.
> Click on the store icon.
> Then add the images or photos of your products on sale.
> Then enter the title of your product.
> Also add a short description of the product.
> Then add a category for the product.

When you follow them correctly then you will make use of the Facebook marketplace.

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