How Can I Block Someone On Facebook Who Has Already Blocked Me?

Looking for a facebook guide on How Can I Block Someone On Facebook Who Has Already Blocked Me? 

The question is a very technical one and at the same very simple. 

Well, let me start by saying that facebook blocking feature is a two-way thing.

What that means is that, if someone blocks you on facebook, you as well as he/she won’t be able to contact each other.
How Can I Block Someone On Facebook Who Has Already Blocked Me?
So if you’re blocked by someone on facebook, facebook has automatically disconnected anything that is bidding you and the person.

In essence, you can’t block someone that blocked you on facebook.

Before you can do that, you’ll need to locate the person’s profile, send him/her a friend request and then wait for the person to accept it.

Once the person accepts it, you can then block the person if you so wish.

How to know if someone has blocked you on facebook
To figure out if someone has blocked you on facebook, do the following:

> Search for the person in your friend's list. If the person is still your friend on FB, you’ll see him/her in your list.

> Another one is to head to the search section of Facebook and enter the name the person is using on facebook and then click on the search button. Scroll down the list of profiles that appears and you should see the person.

Now, access his/her profile. Note that if you’re still friends with the person, you’ll see under his/her cover photo a write up that says friends.

That means that you guys are still friends.

On the other hands, if you see add friends, it then means that he or she has blocked you.

Note however that there is a Facebook feature that lets someone block you without you seeing the person in facebook searches.

Away from that.

How do I block someone on Facebook who has already blocked me?
You can’t block someone that has already blocked you on facebook. The process is verse Versa.

When you block me on facebook, facebook also block you from seeing me too.

Hope this answer was helpful.

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