How do I find items to buy on Facebook Marketplace?

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How do I find items to buy on Facebook Marketplace?
Facebook Marketplace
The Facebook marketplace a free marketing platform where facebook users can buy and sell things of their choice.

The platform is free and available to every Facebook user who is eligible to use.

In this post, How do I find items to buy on Facebook Marketplace? you'll be shown how you can use the platform menu to locate anything you want.

Interestingly, to find items on Facebook Marketplace, you can search for something specific or browse by category.

You can also sort and filter your results, and change the location of the items you're looking for.

Here is how to get that done fast and easy.

How to Search Facebook marketplace Categories
To browse the facebook marketplace for items you want to buy, do the following:

1. Login facebook via

2. Next, locate and click on the Facebook Marketplace button in the top left of your profile.

3. Finally, click a category in the left column of Marketplace on Facebook to browse different categories.

How To Serch For Specific Item On Facebook Marketplace
To search for a specific item you want to buy on facebook marketplace is very simple and easy. Just follow the below guide to get that done.

1. Login your facebook account via

2. Now, click on the facebook marketplace button in the top left.

3. Next, you will need to type something in the search box at the top.

4. Finally, click on the search button on the right.

How To Edit Location Or Distance On Facebook Marketplace
ASs a facebook user who is using the facebook marketplace platform to sell or buy things on facebook, you can edit your location or distance on the platform

But of note here is that the facebook Marketplace currently permits a maximum search distance of 100 miles or kilometers from a location. To see more Facebook Marketplace search results, try entering another location.

Here are the steps you need to edit location or distance on facebook marketplace fast and easy.

Step 1: Facebook login your account through the official website,

Step 2: Locate and then click the Facebook Marketplace button in the top left.

Step 3: Now, check below Location in the left menu and then enter your preferred location.

Step 4: Finally, select the distance you're willing to travel from your location.

Bear it at the back of your mind that if items near your location don't match your search, you may see listings outside of your preferred search distance on the marketplace.

How To Add Filters To Categories On Marketplace On Facebook
To add filters to facebook marketplace categories, do the following:

1. Login Facebook the official website,

2. Click Marketplace in the top left.

3. Locate Categories on the left and select a category.

4. Next, you can filter the category you're browsing with the filters on the left (example: Price).

Here, you're expected to note that the difference between filtering and sorting your results on Facebook Marketplace are as follows:

1. Filtering lets you refine your results (a typical example: Category).

2. Whereas Sorting lets you to organize your results.

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