Add Games on Facebook from the App Center - Step By Step

In today's post, I'm going to show you exactly how to add games on facebook via the app center step by step.

In fact:

These are the exact techniques that I used to add wonderful games on FB from the app center:

1. Login Facebook
2. Locate and tap on the ...see more button below the explore option at the left column of your Facebook newsfeed
3. Tap games
4. Tap game store
5. Tap play now

Let's dive right in...

Facebook is now one of the best gaming platforms that let its users access and play games of their choice free of charge.

Facebook has a feature known as the facebook instant games where you can access and play a facebook game either alone or with friends and loved ones.

In other words, facebook instant games consists of all facebook game list.

On the platform, you can hover to the left column and use the search button to find games you want to play.

Interestingly, this post is all about how to add apps and games from the App Center on Facebook and that is what we would be focusing on.

However, it is important to bear in mind here that before you proceed to add games on facebook from app center, you'll need to see details of what information you're sharing with the app or game, and you can choose to cancel if you don't want to share that info. 

This facebook feature also allows you the liberty to adjust who can view the posts the app makes on your behalf using the audience selector button.

Add Games on Facebook from the App Center - Step By Step
The process involved in adding games on facebook from the app center is very simple and easy. 

In fact, we've taken the time to include pictures so that even the non-tech-savvy guys could also undertake it with ease.

Well, before we shall proceed with the steps on how to get that done, let's quickly consider the simple for registering a facebook account via the giant social media platform site.

The reason is, if you don't have a Facebook account, you won't be able to under what we shall be showing you in this guide.

So, continue with the below steps to easily set up your brand-new facebook profile fast.

How to signup account on facebook
To create a new facebook account, do the following:

1. Open your web browser and enter

2. Navigate to the account signup section of the page and then do the following:

i. enter your full name
ii. enter your date of birth
iii. select your gender: that whether male or female
iv. enter either your phone number or email address. Make sure you use a functional email address because a confirmation link will be sent to you via the email
v. enter your password

3. Finally, locate and tap on the signup button and you're almost done with the registration process.

4. Enter the confirmation code sent to your mobile phone or go to your mail and click on the confirmation link and you'll immediately be taken to your Facebook profile.

Your Facebook account is now live on the giant social media platform. Congratulations on signup an account on Facebook.

Now, let's continue with the business of the day.

How to add games on facebook from the app center step by step.

To add games on facebook, do the following:

1. Log on to facebook if you've not already done that

2. Go to the left column of your facebook profile and tap on the "see more..." button below the explore option
3. Tap on games from the drop-down menu
4. To search for an app or game, tap Game Store and 

5. Next, type its name into the Search for games... box.

6. If you've seen the app or game you're searching for, tap on the play now button.

Bear in mind that clicking on the play now option will enable you to play the facebook game on facebook.

That is all you need to know about how to add games on facebook from the app center.

Facebook also has a feature that lets its users delete/remove games or apps they have added on facebook from the app center.

Doing that is very simple. 

See the step by step guide below.

How To Remove An App or Game that You've added on Facebook
1. Facebook login your account

2. Go to the top right corner of your facebook page and tap on the V-like icon
Add Games on Facebook from the App Center - Step By Step
3. Next, locate and tap Settings.
Add Games on Facebook from the App Center - Step By Step
4. Navigate to the left column of the page that appears and you should see Apps and Websites. Now, click on it
Add Games on Facebook from the App Center - Step By Step
5. You'll need to tap on the box next to the apps or games you'd like to remove.
Add Games on Facebook from the App Center - Step By Step
6. Finally, tap on the Remove button at the far right of the page

That is how to remove an app or website that you've added on facebook.

Try it out and get it done by following the outlined steps.

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