How To Buy And Sell on Shock Marketplace

How to buy and sell on Shpock free marketing platform is very simple and easy. 

In this post, you'll see everything you need to know about Shpock platform and how to buy and sell.

Interestingly, Shpock is a free marketing place where people from all over the world come together to buy and sell both new and used items.

It is a classified platform website that lets interested persons register an account and buy or sell things you have.

This post is all about how to buy and sell on Shpock.

How To Sell On Shpock Marketplace
To list an item for sell on Shpock, do the following:

1. Log into your Shpock account

2. Go to the top right corner of the page and click on sell now

3. Next, add photos of your item, add title, add a description of your item, enter a price, and the address your products will be listed.

4. Finally, click sell now at the bottom right of the box.

Bear in mind that you'll need to choose whether the item can be shipped or is for pick up only (visible only to users nearby)

Before you click on the sell now button, give detail information about payment and shipping methods as well as other relevant info about the item to the description (e.g. size/dimensions).

Interestingly, the five free photo slots feature lets you to show your item from all angles.

It is also important to note here that peradventure you have more than one of the same items for sale, it's advisable to create a separate listing with an individual photo for each and to mention in the description that these are separate items.

Buyers will contact you for the item you listed for sell on shpock. Do ensure to answer all questions.

You'll have to use the "counter offer" button if you want to negotiate the price with the buyer.

If the negotiation went well and you successfully, sale the item, you'll need to mark it as sold.

So after selling your item do the following:

1. You'll need to use the chat to converse the deal and to update the buyer on the shipping status

2. Note that if the seller paid directly via Buy Now, the money can be found in your Shpock Wallet

3. However, if you meet the buyer, make sure you exchange the item for money at the same time.

Once the deal is done successfully, you'll need to give feedback to the buyer on the platform.

Note that you can choose from there are nine main categories you can choose from: Fashion and Accessories; Home and Garden; Electronics; Movies, Books and Music; Baby and Child; Sport, Leisure and Games; Services; Cars and Motor; and 'Other'.

How To Buy on Shpock 
To buy things on shpock marketplace buy and sell platform, just follow the below guide:

1. Login your shpock account

2. Search for the item you want to buy. You'll need to use the search button at the top of your account to locate what you want to buy. Do that by searching for relevant keywords.

3. Discuss open topics and negotiate. Here you'll need to use use the open chat to ask item-related questions.

Bear in mind that you can make an offer if you wish to pick up the item or to discuss the price. Some sellers on the platform might offer to purchase the item at the indicated price.

4. You'll need to click on Buy Now if you wish to pay for the item right away.

It is necessary to note here that immediately one party accepts an offer and the other confirms, you have entered a binding agreement.

After buying the product, you'll need to use the chat to discuss the deal and to stay updated on the shipping status

Peradventure you meet with the seller, do well to exchange the item for money at the same time.

That is how to buy and sell on shpock free marketing platform.

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