Does Facebook Notify you when Someone blocks you?

Are you a facebook user and looking for an answer to this question: Does Facebook notify you when someone blocks you?

This facebook post is all about blocking on Facebook, what happens when someone blocks you, and how to unblock people on facebook fast.

Interestingly, Does Facebook Notify you when someone blocks you? was what someone asked me on quora some days ago.

I did provide the answer to him.

However, I discovered that lots of people are still in dire need of the right answer to the question.

Hence this article.
Does Facebook Notify you when Someone blocks you?
Interestingly, this post will show you everything you need to know facebook blocking and how it does work.

So feel free to read on and if you have a question, make use of the comment box and our team will attempt it.

Facebook, as we all know, has become a household name. Nowadays, everyone wants to be on facebook and that has really take facebook far.

The reason is very obvious.

Facebook has several free features that help its users do a lot of things.

If you're a Facebook veteran, you'll agree with me that facebook marketplace, facebook page, facebook group, and even your facebook news feed are great tools for buying and selling on the giant social media platform.

Well, this post is not about facebook buy and sell.

So let's quickly consider how to block someone on facebook and the things that happen when someone blocks you or when you block people on facebook.

What Happen When I Block You On Facebook?
Interestingly, facebook to a large extent is concern about the safety of its over 2.2 billion active monthly users.

Facebook block feature works in such a way that once someone hits the button against your profile, your relationship with the person on the platform has been terminated.

You can't see or access the person on facebook any longer.

The person at his end won't be able to interact with you also.

With that, one can rightly say that facebook block is a two-edged sword.

How To Block Somebody On FB
Blocking on Facebook is a very simple task. Every Facebook user can easily get it done due to how simple the process.

Fortunately, this tutorial has even simplified it further so that even if you're a non-tech-savvy person, you can also follow our guide and block people on facebook.

 So let's get started.

To block someone on facebook, you'll need to:

1. know the correct profile name of the person. This is necessary if you'll have to search for the person on facebook.

2. you'll need to first off, login facebook with your details

3. you would need either your mobile phone or personal computer

Yes! you truly will need them.

If all of them are handy, do the following to block somebody on facebook social media platform.

1. Facebook login your account

2. Locate and click on the profile name of the person you want to block

3. On if his/her news feed, navigate to the bottom right of their cover photo

4. Click on the dotted icon

5. Select Block from the drop-down menu

Once you click on the block button, the person will immediately be removed from your facebook friends list and taken to your facebook blocked list.

Your facebook blocked list is a folder on FB where people you've banned from accessing your profile are stored.

As a facebook user, you can always take a stroll to your facebook blocked to ascertain the people that are there.

If however, you see someone you don't want to be in your blocked list, you can unblock the person.

Facebook unblock feature is the polar side of the Facebook block.

When you unblock a blocked Facebook friend, the person's name will be lifted from the list.

However, you'll need to send the person a facebook friends request if you wish to reconnect and thus start interacting with them.

How to unblock facebook blocked friends
The process involved in how to unblock someone on facebook is very simple and easy. Here, you'll need to:

1. Click on the small triangular-shaped icon at the top right of your Facebook page

2. Click settings from the menu

3. Click Blocking at the left column of the general setting page

4. Scroll down to your facebook blocked list and then locate the name of the person you want to unblock

5. Hover your mouse to the far right of the person's name and click on the unblock button.

That is it on how to unblock someone on facebook.

Note that if you wish to interact with someone you unblock on facebook, you will have to send them a Facebook friend's request.

The reason is that Facebook does not reconnect you guys automatically.

Does Facebook notify you when someone blocks you?
The answer is no.

Facebook does not interfere with users' private affairs. For that reason, Facebook doesn't let someone know when he/she is blocked.

So if you want to block someone on facebook, go ahead.

They won't be notified by facebook. And Facebook won't stop you either.

Facebook introduced it on the social media platform as one of the media with which users can use to salvage their accounts.

Do you have any questions?

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