How Can I Sell Tickets on Facebook Marketplace Buy & Sell– Facebook Online Market

How Can I Sell Tickets on Facebook Marketplace Buy & Sell– Facebook Online Market is a facebook post that will expose you to the basic things you need to know about how to sell things on the facebook marketplace.

The Facebook marketplace was unveiled in late 2016 to help people promote their online business on facebook free of charge.

Facebook marketplace is free to access and use.

However, the marketing platform is not accessible to all facebook users at the moment as not all locations are allowed to have access to the marketplace.
How Can I Sell Tickets on Facebook Marketplace Buy $ Sell– Facebook Online Market
According to the facebook help center, the marketplace will be available to everyone on the platform in no distant time.

Facebook marketplace is exclusively for business. Users can't just go there and start a conversation with another marketer.

However, if you have seen a product you're interested in, you can tap on it and use the message button to send a message to the seller.

For those of us who are yet to find out, let me say here that the Facebook marketplace is a digital market in that it is an online platform and not an offline market. 

Why can I not sell concert tickets in the marketplace? Worthy of note here that facebook marketplace users can't sell tickets on facebook marketplace because it is not allowed or accepted by Facebook.

The selling of tickets is one of the prohibited things in the marketplace.

Interestingly, in this post, you'll see the list of things that you cannot sell on the Facebook marketplace.

So continue reading and please don't hesitate to share this article with your friends and loved ones.

How To Find Facebook Marketplace
To locate facebook marketplace, you'll need to first off, log in your Facebook account and then do the following:

1. Go to the left column of your facebook profile
2. Locate and tap on the marketplace icon

If you're using Andriod or iOS, the facebook marketplace button is located at the top of the facebook page while iPhone users can locate at the bottom of their facebook page on the facebook app.

Before you proceed to see anything on the facebook marketplace, take note of the things you can buy or sell on the facebook marketplace.

Things that are prohibited on Facebook Marketplace.
Here are the lists of items that are not allowed on the facebook marketplace. Take note and don't try to upload them in order not to risk your account,

1. You can’t buy or sell illegal, recreational drugs on the Facebook market.
2. Tobacco and related paraphernalia products are not allowed on facebook.
3. You can’t sell or buy unsafe supplements on the Facebook marketplace.
4. Weapons, explosives, and ammunition are not sold on Facebook.
5. Animals are not to be sold on the Facebook market.
6. No trading intent.
7. Selling or buying adult products or services are banned.
8. Alcohol.
9. A product like healthcare is not allowed.
10. Money gambling services.
11. Deceptive, offensive, fraudulent or misleading is not accepted.
12. Products for sexualized positioning is restricted.
13. Digital products and subscription.
14. Electronic devices and digital media are banned.
15. No selling or buying of fake or virtual and real currency.
15. Third-party infringement is not accepted.
16. Discrimination.
17. Tickets.

Those are the things you can sell on the facebook marketplace.

How To Sell Items On Facebook Marketplace
1. Tap on the marketplace on your facebook newsfeed via the site or on the mobile app
2. Tap on "sell something"
3. Tap on "item for sale"
4. enter the description of the item you want to sell
5. Add photos
6. Finally, select category and tap on the post button

That is how to list an item for sell on facebook marketplace buy and sell.

Bear in mind that with the facebook market, you can buy or sell products from all over the world without having to go to those places.

All you need to do is to check the rating of the person you want to get the product from and then send him/her a message telling that you're interested in the product and you'll get a reply and possible transaction.

NOTE: To be able to have access to the facebook marketplace and start using it to buy or sell things, you must satisfy the following conditions:

1. you must be an adult that is to say that you must be 18yrs and above
2. Your Facebook account might have been on the facebook platform for some years
3. You must be at the geographical location that is accepted on the facebook marketplace
4. Your Facebook app must be updated to the latest version
5. Your language must be accepted on the marketplace too

Those are the conditions you must meet to be able to have access to the facebook marketplace.

How to create a facebook account
Before you can use facebook online market place, you must sign up for a Facebook account. To do that, follow the below steps:

1. From, go to the signup account section
2. Enter your name
3. enter your date of birth(your month of birth, year of birth, as well as the date)
4. select your gender
5. enter your email address or mobile phone number
6. enter your password
7. Finally, tap on the signup button

Now, use the code sent to your cellphone or the confirmation link email to your email address to confirm the account registration process.

How To Facebook Login Your Account
Do the following to login your Facebook account whenever you wish to:
1. From or facebook app, enter your login details and tap on the login button

If you've entered the correct details, your account will be opened successfully and you'll be taken to your Facebook profile.

How to Logout Facebook
To logout your Facebook account, do the following:
1. Go to the right top corner of your Facebook page
2. Tap on the v-like icon
3. Tap on logout

That is how to logout of your facebook account.

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