How do I make my Facebook business page private?

Let's quickly consider how to change Facebook business page from being public to private. 

This post will show you exactly how to edit your Facebook Business Page Setup.

How do I make my Facebook business page private? Was a question someone asked me on quora some times ago.
How do I make my Facebook business page private?
Interestingly, seeing the increasing demand of the process involved in getting that done nowadays, I have deemed it fit to write on how to set your Facebook page to private.

So during the course of this article, you'll be tutored the complete step by step guide for changing your facebook business page from being public to private.

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Perhaps while creating your facebook business you chose public page instead of a private page and now you want to figure out how to change it to a facebook private page, this post will teach you how to get it done fast and easy.

Interestingly, when you make your Facebook business page on the giant social media platform, it will restrict some persons from engaging in your business page. 

This is necessary if you want to select potential numbers of people or audiences that you want to see or interact on your Facebook page. 

A lot of businesses that create a page on Facebook tend to find a particular audience or form a small page for their business client.

And as such are able to control the activities of the facebook page.

How To Make Facebook Business Page Private
The process involved in making a page from public to private on Facebook is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to login your Facebook account and do the following:

1. From enter your login details and click on the login button to proceed to your account
2. Locate and click on the page you want to change from public to private
3. Now, locate and click on the settings button at the top right corner of the page
4. Locate again and tap on Edit at the far right of page visibility
5. Check the cycle on unpublished page
6. Finally, tap on save changes and you're done

Your facebook business page have been changed from being public to private.

That is how to change your Facebook business page from public to private.

Now, what happens when you change your facebook page from public to private.

Well, here are the things that will happen when you change your business page to private:
1. people will no longer see your facebook page
2. Contents on your facebook page will only be visible to you
3. Your page will not appear in facebook searches
4. The page is only visible to you and other people that you've assigned roles to.

Note that you can always change your page back to "public" whenever you unpublish it.

To do that, just follow the above steps on how to make it private and the change the page settings back to publish and then click on the save changes button and the page will be live again,

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