How Can I Set Up Facebook Business Manager – Facebook Business Account

In today's post I'm going to show you exactly How Can I Set Up Facebook Business Manager – Facebook Business Account.

In fact:

These are the steps I followed to set up a facebook business account for my online eCommerce business.
How Can I Set Up Facebook Business Manager – Facebook Business Account
So if you have an e-commerce or a small scale business that you would want to make lots of sales without spending money, you will need to set up a facebook business account.

Interestingly, Facebook Business Manager is one of Facebook's most online social media networking devices. 

It is a free platform that helps advertisers coordinate marketing efforts through their business and existing partners through Facebook.

Users can monitor resources such as the pages and advertising accounts with Facebook's business manager. 

Users will also be able to manage and track their advertising, including adding agencies or partners to help manage their business.

Facebook Business Manager is a platform that is open for both small business or big business. 

Signing up a Facebook business manager account does not mean that your facebook personal profiles are going to change. 

Or rather to create a separate platform to manage your business that is entirely independent of your personal profile.

So when once you've created an account on the facebook business manager, you'll be able to have control over your ad account and your facebook main page.

Why Do I need A Facebook Business Manager
The Facebook business manager is just like your Facebook Business Account that is used to help promote your online business. 

The different business setup uses it to keep organized, by having all of their business assets and information in one place. 

You might want to consider making use of Facebook business manager account services for the following reasons.

1. If you want your business to grow as a Facebook Business Account, you need a Facebook business manager service.

2. Managing various resources such as ad accounts, applications, and Facebook pages on Facebook or Instagram.

3. If you want complete control of your property without attributing ownership to individuals who are assisting your company.

4. If your Facebook or Instagram business presence is controlled by more than one person.

Some users may wonder what's going to happen to their advertising if they switch their ads to Facebook business manager, is it going to stop running? 

This is the answer to their question; their advertisements are going to continue running. This is a platform where all of the ADS account can be handled in one location, which is why it is called the Facebook Business Account.

Creating a Facebook Business Manager Account
In addition, you need a Facebook business manager account to be part of this system where you can handle your Facebook ad campaigns, profiles, Instagram and any other aspects of your business across the Facebook network.

Creating an account is totally free and open to all users. Let's get started on how to create an account just follow the below steps.

1. Go to the Facebook business manager page via

2. Next, go to the right corner of the page and click on create an account option to set up your Facebook business manager.

3. Now, enter your details in the popup box and click on the continue button.

4. Enter the name and email address you want to use for your business manager account

5. Finally, click finish and you're done setting up your Facebook business account

With this business manager, you can assign rules to people you can access your account. There are features that also lets you change people's roles at any given time.

That is it on How Can I Set Up Facebook Business Manager – Facebook Business Account.

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