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If you are among the over 3 billion active monthly Facebook users and want to figure out basic Facebook tips and other social media platform basics, you're at the right place and definitely not alone👪👪

Here, every single thing you need on Facebook[i.e. Facebook sign up, facebook account settings, facebook marketing, facebook games, facebook unblock, facebook names, facebook ads, facebook ad account, facebook block, facebook disabled account, facebook password recovery, facebook advertising, pokes, marketplace, Facebook messenger, etc], Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and several other platforms other than these are taught in simple and plain language.

The process employed by the Belmadeng team in resolving issues about the aforementioned platforms is presented in such a way that every Facebook user and the rest of the other giant social media platforms can undertake without stress. 

Please use the search button to search through the pages of this blog for solutions to issues bothering on your account(s). 

How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account Fast - Facebook marketplace - Facebook ads 
How to Create a Facebook Account
If you want to become a Facebook user, all you need to do is sign up on Facebook. And if you don’t know how it is done, then feel free to apply these steps below;

> Open the chrome or any internet source on your device.
> Next thing, visit the Facebook site,
> After that, the Facebook site will be opened.
> What you will now do, click the link that says “create new account” either at the top or bottom of the Facebook page.
> Then enter your names, email or phone number, password, then your gender, lastly your date of birth.
> When all these steps are in place, click the signup button below.
> Be ready to receive a text from Facebook, sent to your email or phone number.
> Once you have received it, type the digits in the confirmation box on Facebook.
> When done click “continue”

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Then you will be welcomed to the Facebook platform and then begin to add friends.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace
If you're an e-commerce business owner, you can use Facebook to effectively sell something. Here is how you can access the Facebook marketplace;

1. Go to the Facebook site.
2. Then next thing login to your account on Facebook.
3. At the top of the Facebook page, you will see a store icon.
4. Click on the store icon.
5. Also then add the images or photos of your products on sale.
6. Then enter the title of your product.
7. Also, add a short description of the product.
8. Finally, you need to add a category for the product.

How To Appeal Blocked URL on Facebook
The process involved in appealing blocked URL on Facebook is very simple. However, you’ll need to be selective in terms of the languages i.e. word choices you use in writing to the Facebook engineers. 

To contact the Facebook help center for blocked URL, do the following:

1. First off, you’ll need to visit the Facebook for developers site via this URL; Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers?

2. Now, enter your blocked URL in the space provided and click on the debug button to ascertain what is really wrong with your URL

3. Next, if a message like this one: “We can't review this website because the content doesn't meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.” comes up, click on the “let us know link” so you can be taken to where you can write to the Facebook engineers.

4. Once the page opens up, explain what happened to your URL in the box. Make sure you include some part of the URL in the write-up. 

Make it detailed and once you’re done, click on the submit button and your issue will be subject to review by the Facebook team and once an action is taken, you’ll be notified of the latest development on your URL via Facebook support inbox.


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