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  2. Forties kal lastofdyingbreed2 February 2018 at 03:20

    Kids or dead beat 19yr old son change my profile name without my knowledge

    1. @FORTIES, you can change it back to the previous one. Do the following;
      1. Click the triangular-shaped object in the top right of Facebook and select Settings
      2. Click Name
      3. Enter your name and click Review Change
      4. Enter your password and click Save Changes

      Thank you for your comment...

  3. Tiffany Jones has taken pictures from my Facebook asking for my address she is not a friend of mine showing my pictures to Terry Godwin making negative comments about me i want her blocked she lives in Milwaukee WI thabk ypu Facebook family .

    1. Follow guides in this link; to block him from your friend's list.

  4. Its ok for homie Southside to say nigger and not get blocked but when I say it I get blocked for 3 days and cans even tell my cousins happy birthday I think you all are all racist against white people if I continue to see the black post and say nigger and I get blocked I. Going to sue y'all cause I've noticed it's only the white people like myself and I've seen others blocked and it's been past 3 days and I still can't post

    1. Follow the guideline in this link; to resolve your issue.

  5. My neice received a friend request from me to friend her and she is already my friend. She thinks someone hacked my page. How can I be sure my page is secure?


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