How can I see my block list on Facebook

How can I see my block list on Facebook: Here's an article that explains how you can see your block list on Facebook. 

The above question have been asked over and over by Facebook users. To proffer an answer to it, we've decided to compile this article; how can I see my block list on Facebook. So if you're in search of the guidelines on how to find your blocked list on Facebook this article got you covered. 
How can I see my block list on Facebook
Before we shall proceed with the steps on how to view your block list on Facebook, let me stress here that when you ban people on Facebook, Facebook does not delete them from friend lists rather, they are saved in a separate folder known as block list. From this list, you can view and unblock them if you so choose. See: How to Add a quote on your Facebook profile + Edit Favorite Quotations

Okay, having clarify that, let's get started with the step-by-step guidelines on how to see your blocked list on Facebook.

To see people you banned from seeing your profile and stuff you post on Facebook, follow this guidelines;
1. You'll need to log in to your Facebook account

2. Go to the top right corner and click the small triangular shape icon to continue

3. Click Settings from the drop-down menu

4. Select "General Account Settings" at the left column of the new page that displays. You can also choose to go straight to the block list page by entering this link in your browser ASAP. See: Quick Guide On How To Change Facebook Password.

5. Now that you've been taken to the setting page, select "Blocking" to go to the Manage Blocking page, where you'll find a list of seven types of blocking actions, from Restricted List to Block Pages.

6. For each type of block, you can see a list of who or what is blocked. See: How To View Blocked List On Facebook | See FB Blocked List & Unblock Friends

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